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Remote Debugging with HP Operations Orchestration

‎07-09-2014 01:00 AM - edited ‎10-23-2015 01:26 PM

Written contribution by Tal Schoenfeld, HPSW RnD


Have you experienced how remote debugging within HP Operations Orchestration 10.10 can help you? I think it is one of the coolest enhancements that were made to Operations Orchestration (OO).


One of the main differences between OO 9 to OO 10 is that there is no direct connection between the Studio and Central. In some cases you may even need the use of Studio debugging capabilities in order to investigate an issue on Central, or debug a flow during development by running it on Central. In order to test something on Central you had to pack it into a CP, deploy it, and understand what’s going on by reading logs. Once you understood what was happening, you needed to fix your flow, test on Studio, pack again, test again on Central, and so on…


Now, with utilizing remote debugging in OO 10.10, life just got easier. HP OO remote debugging enables you to connect from Studio to a remote Central, run the debugger, and use resources such as configuration items and RAS servers without needing to deploy a content pack or change any properties on Central.


Why would this matter ?

Let’s say that you have developed a new flow. The flow uses a system account which has an override value in Central. Furthermore, your Studio machine does not have network access to RAS servers which are used by Central to execute the flow.


Now, with OO 10.10,  you can easily debug the flow by connecting from Studio to Central, utilizing the RAS servers and system account, defined in Central without the need to pack and deploy your content first.  


How is it done?

Let’s assume you are debugging a flow which uses a system account named “windowsNodesUser”:


In Studio, it has the user name “David”.

In Central it has the override user name “John”.

If we remote debug the flow now, we will see that the value “John” was used, and the input icon in the inspector now has a green arrow, which indicates that the value’s source is the remote Central.

If you login to Central, you will see the run details, with its name prefixed with “debug”




Tip : Did you know in OO 10.10 studio, you can even initiate a “flow rerun”: start a remote debug with input values, copied from a completed flow which was run on Central! This feature deserves a separate post…stay tuned!


Please refer to the Remote Debugging in OO 10.10 tutorial, which demostrates remote debugging in detail, by debugging a sample flow.


Visit the HP Operations Orchestration homepage for more information, and download the Community Edition software to try it for yourself.



Learn More

Well, I think that in this point you realize why I like remote debugging so much. To learn more, you can also checkout the HP OO community for additional resources such as guides, tutorials, videos, content, and more:


Next, join us on the HP Automation and Cloud Management Community. A place where you can share your thoughts and ideas, and see what others are saying about IT automation and cloud management. Your voice deserves to be heard by a community that matters, where practitioners go to be heard.


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