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Strong governance key to successful Chilean mine rescue and cloud projects

JudyRedman on ‎10-18-2010 11:19 AM

393i5773F434B8113547 I was one of the billion television viewers who were riveted last week watching each of the Chilean miners alighting from the rescue capsule after spending 10 weeks trapped below the earth’s surface.  And I realized that it was good governance by Chile that played a key role in the successful rescue.  It also took a lot of resolve, a commitment to success and a well-thought-out strategy.  Plus teamwork, excellence in execution and good technology provided by corporations in the United States and 11 other countries. 


While this drama was unfolding I ran across a new viewpoint paper written by an HP Chief Technology Officer and an HP enterprise architect.  I couldn't help but see the parallels between the role of good governance in the rescue—from the planning through to the happy conclusion, and the reasons why governance is so important to a cloud project. Whether it’s a mine cave-in or a new cloud project, you need a fully-functioning system of management, a strong project plan and precision. That’s exactly what Chile had.  They placed the nation’s full resources on executing on a difficult, precise project.  Compare the Chile incident to Hurricane Katrina or the recent Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill disaster and you can see where a lack of planning and dysfunctional governance can lead to less than successful outcomes. 


In this new paper, Avoiding storm “clouds” with ITIL, the HP experts caution about using cloud computing too soon or with the wrong workloads. But more important, the authors stress that the first and most critical step in successful cloud implementations is to use a framework such as Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) for strong governance.  With robust governance in place, various “storms” can be avoided and service transparency can be achieved.  The paper outlines why governance is crucial in making any cloud computing solution a success, whether public, private or hybrid.   


With cloud, the change in the role of IT to become a strategic partner is accelerated.  Therefore, there is an increasing need for IT governance best practices to focus on the IT systems’ performance and risk management.  ITIL’s primary purpose is to help ensure the optimal provision of IT operational and management processes to support business outcomes at a justifiable cost. 


In addition, cloud extends virtualization and again you need ITIL to provide the basic criteria of a service in a virtualized environment.  Implementing these criteria in a cloud environment requires availability of a highly automated and extremely scalable service management system that works across multiple parties.  ITIL is a proven framework for managing multiple services in a virtualized and highly automated environment. 


To learn more about how governance is a critical foundation for a successful cloud implementation, download the viewpoint paper.

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Judy Redman has been writing about all areas of technology for more than 20 years.

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