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Adding a new form in Service manager 7.11

by on ‎03-07-2012 10:53 AM


I had added a new form in Service manager for probsummary file and when I run the form using db->probsummary->form name, it is opening the default IM.update.incident form.


Here are the steps I have taken:

1. Added few fields to probsummary file

2. Created a new form using formwizard and assigned it to probsummary file. The form displays details of a single record

3. Assigned all the fields to form controls and saved the file with .g format

4. clicked on save and ran db->selected probsummary file->selected the new form name

But it shows IM.update.incident form only not the new form I had created.


It is not good to change the open form in object.You should change it through the Incident profile in operator record.

Because it is(in state) picking up the value from incident profile record only.and also when you click on the open new incident the apm.first RAD runs and it is getting the form from same profile record.
So you should change the form name in initial format field of incident profile.

And it is opening FilterAdvFind form when search from DB because SM is designed that way.
Whenever a secrh format is defined in the object record then SM will open the format defined at that place ,whenever file/form is search from db.

So you have to remove/replace your form name in Search configuration tab of probsummary record.But SM only open your form when you will try to secrh the incident record.SO i think you should avoid this.

on ‎10-07-2014 08:39 AM

go to command line, type db and check administration mode.

search you format.

I hope help you.

Honored Contributor a month ago

If you want to always use the custom form instead of IM.incident.update, access the incident category record and update the forms used for that category of incident on the forms tab. Once the category record is updated the specified form will be used.  


If the form is only intended for admin use, the previous post is correct: select Admin Mode in database manager before executing your search. 

  • normally, the form used is determined as follows: at retrieval of the incident, the probsummary Object is checked to determine the correct State. The initialization process for the State is executed. For probsummary, the initialization process checks the category record for the associated category to determine the for to use for display. Without admin mode enabled, this functions normally, and interaction with the displayed record is controlled via the document engine object, states, and processes for the table.
  • when Admin Mode is enabled, the document engine settings for the table are bypassed, and the SM database application is called to interact with the record. Rather than use the form specified in the category record, you can use any form associated with the record table.