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Connect IT scenario LDAP to SM7 not working for update Contacts

by on ‎02-28-2012 07:13 AM


Connect IT Scenario LDAP to SM7 is not working for Update Contacts records. Its only working for CreateContacts. Like we have CreateContact mapping in the Production and we have a requirement to add a field "mobile number" in the Scenario. But to update the existing contacts records in SM7 we require UpdateContacts mapping, so we have added a mapping the existing scenarion in SM7 Dev. The Connect IT scenario processes the CreateContact mapping (all 17600 records) but the after the last record processed in CreateContact, the Connect IT scenario is not processing the Update Contact mapping. It stops the Scenario.

How can we make the UpdateContact mapping process the mobile numbers from the LDAP contacts to SM7 Contacts. We have the Contact name as the key to look for the validity of the Contact record.

Also I want to inform you that when we view the data in CreateContact mapping, the data is visible but when we view the data in the UpdateContact mapping, there is no data. Is there we have to make the change in the Scenario like the last modified date or anything else? or anything we have the make the change in LDAP side?


The reason why your scenario is working fine for creating but failing when updating is that you are not setting the setting any of the key elements within your web service.

You can find the Keys elements on the same level as the Instance elements, e.g.

Update Contact

For your instance you will need to set the element "UpdateContactRequest.Model.Keys.ContactName" to "RetVal=UCase([samAccountName])"

Once the above is done you will no longer need to map the element "UpdateContactRequest.Model.Instance.ContactName" unless you intend to change the ContactName to another value.