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When escalating interaction to change the change moves automatically to the next phase

by on ‎03-29-2013 10:30 AM


Any one have an idea why the changes that get opened after escalating it from interaction [with a default as category] get moves to the review phase automatically?


In the file called screlconfig, check filename "cm3r".


There's a line in the Post Expressions;

if $escalation.wizard.call then ($L.exec="system.vars.$L_related.doAction(\"nextphase\")";js($L.exec))

Remove that if you don't want changes to proceed automatically into phase #2 after the escalation. I've done that.


Honored Contributor 3 weeks ago - last edited 3 weeks ago

 Check the screlconfig record for cm3r. In pre-process designer systems, the screlconfig record would call an automatic closure of the first phase.