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Ignite make_tape_recovery logs

by on ‎02-02-2012 12:31 PM


I have a question about Ignite-UX logging. Currently when we run Ignite with the make_tape_recovery command it creates a directory in /var/opt/ignite/recovery that is named for the date/time that it was ran. Inside that directory there is all of the log files. Right now there is only the latest time that it was ran and one previous time. Is there any way to configure it to keep more logs instead of only the last two sets?


The make_tape_recovery command stores all the configuration logs files in /var/opt/ignite/recovery directory by default. 

Use the "-n" option with the make_tape_recovery command to set the number of configuration and log file directories to be saved on the server.


-n num_cfg_dir ->  Specifies the number of configuration and log file directories to be saved on the system

 The default is two (2). If number_cfg_directories is two and there are already two configuration file directories present when a third is being created, make_tape_recovery will remove the oldest directory after successfully creating the newest directory.


For more details refer the man page of make_tape_recovery.