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How to access HP Anywhere (either Server or IDE) from a mobile?

by on ‎11-13-2013 02:08 PM


How to access HP Anywhere (either Server or IDE) from a mobile?


There are several general steps you need to perform in order to access HP Anywhere server from a mobile. Some of the steps are highly dependent on your network and security policies and could not be detailed here. You will need to consult your organization IT for details. This guide suites for both HPA Server and HPA IDE.


  1. You need to make your server accessible from the internet or at least to be accessible from the mobile. In order to do it, you need to consult your IT department and setup all the necessary components like firewall, DNS, etc. (See "Chapter 9: Open Ports in a Firewall" in the Installation and Configuration Guide)
  2. Check that you can access your server (either by using FQDN or IP address directly) from your mobile via browser. Type the server URL in the browser http://server:port/onebox
  3. If you successfully accessed the HPA from the mobile browser, you need to download the HPA client app from the AppStore or Google Play and install it on your mobile.
  4. If you are connected via WiFi and failed to access the HPA from the mobile, try to setup the proxy on your mobile to include your HPA server as exception. In some corporate networks connecting with proxy could prevent the access to the HPA server.
  5. If you setup secure connection to HTTP (see "Chapter 6: Configure the HTTPS Protocol" in the Installation and Configuration Guide), you will need to use signed certificates (not self-signed), because the mobile app does not have an option to ask the user to approve the choice to trust the server.