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The HP Cloud Services vision at HP Discover

HeatherMackey on ‎06-05-2012 01:25 PM

convergedcloudkeynote.JPGIn the next 10 years, IT organizations will evolve to be all about delivering services, in the process flipping the ratio from the CAPEX-heavy environments they largely are now to become essentially all OPEX. With this transformation comes the opportunity to meet the new BYOD world head on.


That’s the vision HP’s Zorawar “Biri” Singh, senior vice president, HP Cloud Services, just laid out in his “Winning with HP’s Converged Cloud Solutions” keynote today at HP Discover. With Converged Cloud, HP is embracing the trend toward IT as service broker and driving to where the future computing stack evolves.


Here’s what the future looks like: Personal mobile devices like smartphones are the front ends of all our interactions. These devices connect to a cloud back end (as Singh pointed out, many if not most of the apps we use every day are already cloud-enabled). Applications are becoming lightweight, bite-size experiences that we use to get things done. Analytics and big data allow you to make sense of all this and everything is seamlessly integrated.


From this big picture Singh quickly got into the details of how HP’s cloud offerings make such a future possible. HP’s Converged Cloud is built on the open source Open Stack operating system. The commitment to open source is key, as the vision here is to create an entire ecosystem based on a foundation of HP IaaS and PaaS, combined with value-added services that allow developers to build and extend whatever cloud services they need.


We also got to see exactly how easy it is to set up new cloud instances when Pete Johnson (of HP’s Cloud Developer Experience) did a live demo of going to www.hpcloud.com, going through the catalog, and creating an instance of public cloud, including setting security and other options. We watched Johnson set up a MySQL database (using HP’s MySQL as a service, which is available in private beta) – a process that could have taken weeks previously, but was done in minutes, even with the convention center’s spotty network connection. (The demo was so impressive that at one point the audience broke into applause.)


What’s perhaps even more impressive were the plans Bingh outlined for where HP Converged Cloud is going, with new services such as analytics being added continually and announcements that Autonomy’s data archiving service and Vertica 6.0 data analysis service will all run at scale in the HP Cloud.


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I'm the community manager for Discover Performance and have been a writer/editor in the technology field for several years.

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