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Three short Enterprise 2020 video summaries

mikeshaw747 ‎08-08-2013 01:39 AM - edited ‎09-02-2013 07:38 AM


I've created three short videos for the following Enterprise 2020 chapters …

The "IT in 2020" video comes out of presentations the Enterprise 2020 team has been giving as the keynote in a tour that HP Software has been doing throughout Europe. We've honed the presentation with each delivery. The one I've recorded here is the version I did in Madrid.


Any football (soccer, if you live in the US) fans will be impressed by this - the Madrid stop was actually in the Bernabeu stadium. The Bernabeu is the stadium of Real Madrid; probably one of the most successful football (soccer) teams of all time. It was a wonderful setting, even for a Manchester United fan :-)


I've worked on most of the Enterprise 2020 chapters. And in my opinion, the chapter on application development (Dev Center 2020) is the best we've done.  We were really lucky; Geoffrey Moore, my hero, happened to be doing some other work for HP at the time we were finishing off the app dev chapter. We asked him if he would do an interview for the app dev chapter during one of his lunch breaks. He said, "sure". That's where the Geoffrey Moore video clips in that chapter came from. 


The Mobility 2020 presentation comes out of work I did for HP's stand at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. We needed an overall message for HP at the show and the European management decided that it should be around our Enterprise 2020 work. So I created a presentation on Mobility in 2020, using what was at the time, a work-in-progress chapter. There's nothing like presenting something 30 times at a show to know which parts work and which parts don't. The presentation was further honed when the European sales training team asked for a 10 minute Mobility 2020 section to open their "what HP Software does for mobility" training. It's this presentation, cut down to seven minutes, that is recorded above. 


I'm now working on a "Data Center 2020" short video. It will actually be a combination of the IT Ops 2020 chapter and the new Data Center 2020 chapter.  It should be out within the next few weeks. 


Author: Mike Shaw

About the Author


Mike has been with HP for 30 years. Half of that time was in R&D, mainly as an architect. The other 15 years has been spent in product management, product marketing, and now, solution marketing. .

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