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Searching the ticket

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Searching the ticket



I have a Requirement below


I am creating a 2 ticket and giving the input value below in 2 tickets and saving the ticket

Ticket 1


affected.services - MANAGED SERVICES


Ticket 2


additional.affected.services - APPLICATIONS


In Probsummary Search form I have 2 fields (affected.services and additional.affected.services)


And when search based on affected.services on IM - should search on both affected.services and additional.affected.services field.

if service entered as criteria appear for a ticket record in one of these fields, it should appear in search


Please advice how to write a query and where i need to write a query

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Re: Searching the ticket



You are trying to search the same data  simantaneously in 2 different fields .


If I understand the requiremnet correctly, you will have to modify the Search Configuration in Object record of incidents .  Create a new defined query and change the seach form such as the New defined Query is always checked .




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Re: Searching the ticket

Hi Arpit,

Can you tel me ... how to write a query and how to change the seach form such as the New defined Query is always checked
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Re: Searching the ticket

TRy this approach :

You can do it by creating a new search option, but you need to flag manually this option before to search.

First, create a textbox with a variable in entry in the search form  : e.g $ciname

In the Object file, search for "device"

Go to the tab "search configuration"

Edit the configuration

In the sub tab "Defined query" add :

doublesearch in the column ID

logical.name = $ciname or alias=$ciname in the column query

"simultaneously search" in the description

save the Object

Go the the search screen of device, you will see :

1.your new field $ciname
2.A new search option named "simultaneously search"
Enter something in the field $ciname and check "simultaneously search"

The query will be appended.

The only problem is that you have to flag every time the new search option !

Try to find a way to make it flagged by default...