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Urgent - Clear Field values

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Urgent - Clear Field values



For a reason i have made a field value to capture a value "access" i.e. if affected.item="XYZ" then subcategoryMIT="access", so now i want to clear the value of subcategoryMIT when the selection is not equal to "XYZ", yes this can be done by using the condition affected.item~="XYZ" then subcategoryMIT=NULL, but everytime when I select different category say ABC and try to update the field subcategoryMIT with some value its getting cleared due to the condition written. which i dont want to happen, how to avoid this? please assist




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Re: Urgent - Clear Field values


if affected.item~="XYZ" then subcategoryMIT=NULL



if affected.item~="XYZ" and subcategoryMIT="access" then subcategoryMIT=NULL


If this doesn't meet your needs, please provide more information on how this is configured (Format Control, Link record, etc) and the various requirements.