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Can game changing ITSM technology really shake up a 20-year-old market?

Guest Blogger (HPE-SW-Guest) on ‎08-15-2014 03:36 PM



Guest post by Mike Zuber, VP of Go-to Market Sales, HP Software


Innovating is fun! I am not talking about simple degrees of improvement— I am talking about ground breaking, earth shaking and industry rattling innovation. I am talking the kind of innovation that rocks 20-year-old markets. There are two reasons this type of innovation doesn’t happen every day.  

First—It is simple to make the .1 upgrade and polish the product a little. (In my mind, that is old, boring and frankly doesn’t get my blood pumping.)

Second—By changing an industry down to the core, you run some risks as analysts and clients have never seen or heard anything like it before. How could they?


I have come to realize that when you create and release a game-changing solution, it is just like jumping out of an airplane (with a parachute on). For the first minute or so you are falling fast and you might be a little scared because your mind is going a mile a minute. But then when the time comes *boom* you pull the rip cord and the parachute opens and you slowly fall safely while enjoying the rest of the ride. Then you land safely on the ground.


What is the meaning of this imagery?


Well with Service Anywhere, HP has quietly changed the market for ITSM forever! However at this point, we are just out of the airplane and enjoying that first 30 seconds of free fall.


We recognize that analysts have yet to realize this shift, and that the old world of tickets, incidents, requests, lifecycle, etc. are over. People are unsure what to do with this innovation because they have been doing the same things for 20 years. Who would have guessed that anyone would have taken on the challenge of innovating this market? We feel it is no longer about self-service but instead is about creating self-sufficiency for business users and customers. Again clients have been told for years that they must log a ticket and must run a process for their ITIL service desk. The idea of creating self-sufficiency at the end user level is just different, it will take time for the light bulb to go on.


self sufficiency.jpgNonetheless, once you step out of the airplane or release a game changing technology like Service Anywhere, analysts and the clients come along because they recognize the shift in the market. When they do, it will be like the second the rip cord is pulled— because they will all want to talk to you about your innovation and will soon forget the old world of tickets and self-service.


Because who really want to create and manage tickets if you don’t have to. This process is expensive, no fun and your customers don’t like it.


Service Anywhere gives you the platform for reducing tickets significantly and providing your end users with the power to be self-sufficient.


We have changed ITSM forever. Everyday more clients, partners and analysts recognize that there is a better way. They no longer have to work with technology based on an outdated model. Go get your taste of Service Anywhere here.

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