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Exploring the New Style of IT and Service Management - August 15 webinar

chuck_darst ‎08-08-2013 10:00 AM - edited ‎09-20-2015 07:27 AM

What constitutes “The New Style of IT” and what does it mean for the service desk?


Register.jpgTo paraphrase a statement I recently heard “(IT) end users have many choices on where they can now go for service today. The service desk has to get ahead of this wave in order to stay relevant”. I thought this was a great concise summary of the challenges and opportunities ahead. With that in mind, here are some themes related to IT Service Management (ITSM) and the new style of IT.

  •  Simplicity: sweeping changes in the expectations around implementations and then on-going ease of use
  • Speed: notably with respect to approval and execution of requests, changes, and releases
  • Agility: especially in how IT-based services are sourced or delivered (think cloud) and where/how the same services are consumed (think mobility)
  • Lower Cost: this touches of all of the above points

 Another popular phrase these days is “big data”. I submit that big data has an ITSM role reflecting the different information or knowledge sources that can come into play when providing IT service management – especially in the self-help area. I also submit that big data will increasingly come into play on the analytics side opening interesting opportunities for service improvement beyond traditional reporting.


I will touch on all of these topics during the webinar, so I won’t try to cover all of this in detail in one blog post. Let’s look at what this means from the end user perspective and also for their department or line of business.


  • setup quick icon.pngMany, if not most, service desk users expect to do much more themselves, on-line, and from an increasing array of device types and locations. This includes getting help when something is adversely impacting a service or when making a request. This also includes changing expectations on the speed and presentation of interaction and associated response. For a teaser on this topic and a sneak peek, I recommend watch the video found on this short post. A key thing to plan for is leveraging more sources in the future and presenting this in consumer orientation. 
  • The same way a consumer can “download an app”, a department or line of business can acquire infrastructure, applications, or services almost on demand. This spans the public cloud and as-a-service options, most commonly SaaS. This goes hand-in-hand with the decentralization and consumerization of IT. For more on this topic, I recommend following the discussion found on this recent postIt connects up to the above point, but deals more with the need to have a systematic approach when dealing with a larger number of service providers in the future.

Today, I am just skimming the surface of these two topics. These cross all of the themes of simplicity, agility, speed, and cost. As always, I welcome comments, disagreement, … . To learn more, please join the web cast “The New Style of IT and Service Management” or visit




About the Author


HPE IT Service Management Product Marketing team manager spanning our solutions for the service desk, asset mngt, CMS, and more. My background is engineering and computer science in the networking and telecom worlds. As they used to say in Telcom, "the network is the business" (hence huge focus on service management). I always enjoyed working with customers and on the business side of things, so here I am in ITSM marketing.

MaryRasmussen on ‎08-09-2013 10:13 AM

Chuck - All good stuff.  Some of the new Autonomy based features we have coming next in Service Anywhere self service  are so impressive (thanks for including that link to the video) - it makes me wonder if the days of needing to  talk with an IT person are soon to be extinct.  A win-win for both IT and the end-user in many senses. The user is empowered, and IT can focus their skills on the higher value tasks at hand.   What do you think? Mary

btmiller on ‎08-09-2013 11:10 AM

This is a good read Chuck and what struck me right away were your four points: simplicity, speed, agility, and lower cost. I think that these resonate with customers of today and that your "download an app" example furthers these points very nicely.


This makes me think about discovery and how we fit in from your perspective. I look forward to the web cast on the 15th to learn more.

chuck_darst on ‎08-14-2013 09:21 PM

Mary, Brian,


Thanks for the comments. I think that there will always be a reason to have someone manning the service desk. I came across a set of service desk business planning slides from 10 years ago. Deja Vu (all over again) in so many areas. But, things are clearly changing and the mobile, social, self-educated end-user is definitely on the rise.


Thinking about and preparing for this event, I thought multiple times of another Brighttalk event that Stuart Rance and I presented in March. It was around the future of the service desk, and we picked social. Stuart discussed that managing knowledge was going to become the main future role of the service de... I agree more with each passing day. This comes back to Mary's comment. It also addresses all of the value points Brian mentioned. We will revisit this tomorrow morning.




BTW, Brighttalk recordings are also good - if people can't join the event live.

chuck_darst on ‎08-16-2013 05:17 PM

One follow up note (in addition to recommending the brighttalk recording and letting me know what you think). We had one polling question during yesterday's webinar


brighttalk suppliers.jpg


This lines up fairly well with the statistics that I shared - especially of most of the "don't knows" were rolled into the "more than 30".


For more information on this topic, I recommend a blog I wrote a few weeks ago discussing how many suppliers does your IT organization use.




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