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How do you know when you “Dent the Universe”? Especially in ITSM?

Guest Blogger (HPE-SW-Guest) ‎08-08-2014 10:05 AM - edited ‎10-22-2015 10:08 AM

Guest post by Mike Zuber, VP of Go-to Market Sales, HP Software


Universe.jpgIt has been said that a much respected and revered former Silicon Valley executive once said all he wanted to do was “Dent the Universe”. This is such a cool answer and shows creativity, leadership and a little bit of an ego—which I personally love. That said one thing has always bothered me about this statement, I love big goals like this, but I always wondered how you would know if you succeeded in “Denting the Universe”?


Well after years of both admiring the quote and wondering how I would measure success I finally have an answer. My experience comes from our team’s contribution to changing the IT Service Management (ITSM) environment. While we may not have dented the entire universe, I can say with full confidence that we have scratched it. The ITSM market is huge and has a rich history with hundreds of thousands of members. In addition, many analyst and analyst firms make their name by covering this key market segment.


Let’s go back to my answer and see how we scratched the universe. My first indication of our success came when I realized that we are taking the core variable of the ITSM market and deemed it less valuable. Specifically we are taking the tenant in ITSM of the creation of “Tickets” or “Incidents” or “Requests” (or whatever you want to call them) and we are saying there is a better way.


My second indication was the fact that once again we are challenging the core belief of ITSM vendors, analysts and ITSM experts that the next wave of enhancements was going to be around Self-Service. Don’t get me wrong, Self Service is cool. But we decided to leapfrog that thought process. Remember, when you scratch the universe you never follow the herd (that is boring and frankly disappointing). You only get one life to live, so why do boring and be a copycat all your life.


Instead of Self Service, we decided to focus on establishing user self-sufficiency or more specifically empowering your end users, clients or customers to answer their own questions. This is not easy, but again the goal of denting the universe is not meant to be easy. Think about Self Sufficiency verses Self Service for a minute. Should the goal really be to make it easy to submit tickets? Or, should the goal be to increase customer satisfaction, reduce cost and focus your staff on the few key items users can’t find answers for on their own?


The establishment surrounding ITSM has been built on incidents, problems and change etc. There is a new and better way. You no longer have to maintain the status quo. Now is the time to leapfrog and make the big jumps required when it comes to ITSM improvements.


When the universe is successfully scratched or dented people will acknowledge the new and better way! Those who acknowledge the revolution (the first clients, the first analysts, the first consulting firms, the first partners and the first analyst firms) will reap the lion share of the rewards. This is just how the market works.


For example: the first analyst firm to spot the change in the universe will become the defacto expert on the new universe. This is because they have the mindshare, the knowledge and they enjoy the undisputed fact that they are first. They will likely flood the market with reports, videos and interviews as they proclaim that the universe has changed. It has been decades since ITSM has seen such impressive and game changing innovation.


Don’t believe me? Get your 30 day trial of Service Anywhere here!


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