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How to bring chaos under control in the Wild West of vendor sprawl—Part 3

Guest Blogger (HPE-SW-Guest) on ‎03-12-2014 11:51 AM





Guest Post by Sherry Ramm, ITSM Marketing Consultant


The reality of vendor sprawl is that it’s growing exponentially. The impact of this growth is rippling through IT out to the business users and beyond to the vendor community. The old way of vendor management won’t suffice in this new business landscape. The good news is that in the new business landscape everything is available to shift to a new way.  Today’s technologies hold the promise of a new world that will forever transform IT into a pure service broker. In this world, suppliers enjoy integration into an open exchange and a central catalog and business users enjoy the easy, consumerized shopping experience within their personalized portal. 


We’ve discussed the impact of vendor sprawl and defined the steps to transforming into a pure service broker in the New Style of IT.  Now let’s talk about a real customer moving in this direction and how they experienced immediate success by on-ramping to HP Propel Free to begin their journey to a New Style of IT.


HP Customer Success


A large global power and gas customer began transitioning to a true service broker with HP Propel in late 2013.  Their mission was to increase IT performance and drive business innovation in the midst of an increasingly complex global business landscape. They wanted to simplify IT operations by transforming from a distributed, localized, business-specific model to a service-oriented, multi-supplier environment. By bringing in HP Propel as the cornerstone to this strategy, they now have a single solution—including an open framework to achieve these goals.  In a short time, they fundamentally transformed how their business user engaged with IT. 


One of their long-standing challenges was their catalog sprawl which included more than 10,000 items. They needed to reconcile their many catalogs from their massive IT supply chain.  With help from HP Enterprise Services, they transformed their catalogs by reducing the number of items by ten-fold.  They also localized the items, implemented conditional pricing and external data linking. The improvements in onboarding time come from Propel’s rich catalog management features, such as templated parts, codeless workflow configurability and data import/export features.

They also wanted to improve service desk efficiencies by optimizing some quick-win processes that could have immediate impact. They implemented workflow enhancements by eliminating some manual activities and the generalization of dynamic forms—so users no longer needed to call for additional information. 


In the matter of a few months with HP Propel, they were able to establish a single-service catalog with more relevancy and fewer items to clutter the catalog.  Business users now experience their IT through a friendly, consumer-like portal similar to an Internet shopping experience.  The time to value for their users has increased significantly, and the launch pad is in place to build on those early successes. 


The early results for this customer are significant:

  • 10X less catalog items
  • 20- 40 percent faster onboarding of new employees
  • 15 percent reduction in manual service desk activities
  • Increase in end-user satisfaction


Taming your Wild West

It’s an exciting era in IT and specifically in IT Service Management.  While the technology trends may be causing headaches in your day-to-day life, these same trends, (when maneuvered wisely) provide a path for transformational changes faster and easier than ever before possible. This is the time to lasso expanding cloud sources to open new doors for IT service delivery. For a more in-depth look at the challenges and opportunities IT departments face today, download this business whitepaper “Transformative Service Management – Reinventing service management for the new style of IT.”


We feel so strongly about starting our customers on the path of the New Style of IT, we want to begin your journey for free with HP Propel Free.  


Learn more about HP Propel and register to get your HP Propel Free today. In this onramp version of HP Propel you will enjoy a fully functional Propel Portal, a baseline Propel Catalog and a Knowledge Base with the most up-to-date and relevant knowledge articles from HPs own IT operations.  


This is the real deal – not a “trial”, and there are no limited time frames.  This is the actual solution that provides the onramp to greater capabilities as you journey to your own transformation.  We look forward to helping you on this path of taming the chaos in your own Wild West to greater control in the New Style of IT. 

If you have missed any of my previous blog posts about the Wild West of Vendor Sprawl, I encourage you to read them here:

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