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Improve your relationship management with an IT service catalog and other self-service strategies

Guest Blogger (HPE-SW-Guest) on ‎07-30-2014 06:42 PM

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Guest post by Sherry Ramm, ITSM marketing consultant


A few days ago, Information Week hosted an industry webcast with a leading expert researcher Eveline Oehrlich from Forrester Research and HP executive Joseph Kim.  They had an in-depth discussion that framed the challenges of IT today with a focus on Service Management. Then they broke down a practical blueprint showing how to harness the various services and technologies that are exploding today into value that meets the personalized demands of their organization’s users. 


If only gauging by the hundreds of IT professionals that registered for this thought-leadership event, the topic struck a chord. View the video of the “Self-service strategies to put your service relationship management into hype...


The Challenge


Eveline said that “disruption is upon us” and we all feel the pain from it.  She told the story of how we arrived at this the ‘Age of the Customer’ and how there is increasing pressure on IT to meet these expectations. Users are constantly demanding more—they want to buy when, where and how they prefer. They want an enjoyable, ‘consumerized’ self-service experience that’s easy and convenient.  


Simultaneously, Eveline details “The Enablement Reality” facing IT which is the explosion of technologies and services that are coming at IT from every direction.  The result is that IT’s ability to drive value and performance into their organizations is decreasing. This is because they are operating with traditional systems in a new IT landscape.  In recent years, they have become increasingly reactive and tactical, and are now actively planning or executing solutions to step up to the new mandate that requires transformation in the new era...


Interesting Factoids


During this webinar, Eveline shares some interesting facts about the current state of IT and the service desk catalog:

FACTOID #1:  Eveline displays a recent study that states “CEOS rate technology as the MOST important external force shaping the future of their enterprise”.  Backing this up is the teams of the CEO who agree.  This includes their CFOs, CIOs, CMOs and CSCOs. 


FACTOID #2: In the same study, Eveline shows that only “46 percent of employees are satisfied with the services and technologies they currently receive from IT”.  


So what does this mean?  This means the perfect storm of these two forces has set the stage for the emerging ‘Age of the Service Broker’.   This is IT’s time to seize the opportunity to successfully solve the macro-problems that are impacting performance in their organizations at a time when top executives are aligned and supporting these goals with influence and resources. 


Becoming an IT Service Broker


Joseph Kim kicked off his part of the discussion with the reality of every IT professional’s dilemma:  IT constraints versus end-user demands.  He detailed how leading HP customers are moving to harness the complexity of many types of services.  As an IT service broker they are driving the value of those services in an automated way into their organizations.


Joe also showed how one customer, a global energy company, transformed their IT in a relatively short amount of time by:

-          Reducing 50 catalogs down to 1

-          Increasing end user satisfaction throughout their organization

-           Reducing manual service desk activities by 15 percent

-          Increasing the onboarding time of new employees by 20-40 percent


Tune into this informative webcast now to understand how to develop your own blue print to transform your environment and become an IT service broker.  Learn how to develop your own top-down plan that’s combined with a strategy that fits your need to onramp in a gradual, yet progressive, way that doesn’t disrupt your existing business.


After watching this video, you will have a comprehensive understanding of how today’s transformative, leading technologies can enable you to:

-          Provide a unified customer experience – Give your users a single IT service portal, personalization, and hosting capabilities such as catalog, knowledge base, IT news, etc.

-          Provide a single catalog- Solve the catalog sprawl issue immediately by aggregating and federating your cloud and IT service management services

-          Enable easy, codeless orchestration with an Open Service Exchange – Manage everything from an open, extensible integration framework.  Easily administer integration content for HP and third-party products and fulfillment systems.

-          On-Ramp todayHP Propel is enabling IT today to provide an easy on-ramp to the service broker transformation.  Discover how easy and non-disruptive it is to on-ramp with your HP Propel hosted solution or in an on-premise offering.   Get your HP PropelFree now.


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tonyprice on ‎08-14-2014 01:40 AM

Some great stuff here.  More and more I am seeing clients (I work for HP Software Professional Services) either facing the challanges of Service Catalogue "Sprawl" or moving to a simplified and single entry point into IT.   HP Propel is a great solution for this.  Also the unique interlectual property that HP has created around becoming a service broker (Service Integration and Management (SIAM) is so usefull so I wanted to share these links


A great and very recent blog from my colleague Markus Muller


And another colleagues blog .. Felix Fernadez

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