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chuck_darst ‎08-28-2013 07:40 PM - edited ‎09-25-2015 08:26 PM

I had a wise manager who used to refer to the service desk as THE communication hub. It is interesting to revisit this theme and role in light of the changes going on technology at home and at work. I submit that there are some key interwoven themes that will be foundational to the emerging new style of IT. And with the decentralization and consumization of IT, communication is more important than ever.


Rise of multi-sourcing and the decentralization of IT


IT sourcing options have been around for as long as wide-area networking has been. Approaches for managing and integrating multi-supplier have been around as long as outsourcing. One of the new dimensions ofthis  is the speed with which an IT service or application can be obtained and brought into production. This agility has given rise to taking a more strategic view of forward-looking concepts such as service portfolio management (SPM) and its close cousin the service catalog.


The Holy Grail of demonstrating value


Another new dimension is the number of choices a consumer of commercial IT has to choose from. To make effective decisions, accurate costs need to be understood (They need to know what it would cost to do this in-house and/or what exactly you would be receiving from a supplier) and service levels should be explicit. Behind this is a very important point--how IT communicates their value beyond currency and a SLA. This is not a new challenge, but it is arguably more demanding with the decentralization of IT.


interwoven.JPGStarting from the bottom up


There are a lot of interwoven threads that could be pulled apart. I have seen emerging consensus that agile can and should co-exist with good ITSM processes. Regardless of where a service is sourced, how it is constructed, and how quickly it might get “spun up” or “taken down”, incidents, changes and requests are likely to occur. Solid configuration management is also foundational to all of these.



Tying this togetherIntact Post.jpg


I recommend reading a blog post written by Shannon Lake from Intact Technologies on Communicating IT Business Value based on an underpinning of configuration management. HP has a number of great configuration management capabilities that support more effective change management, data center transformation and other service management processes. Intact has a proven track record of implementing related solutions in multi-vendor environments. Check it out.


Chuck Darst


P.S. Changing my PS from the original post -- here a followup change impact post by Shannon Lake 


P.S.S. and

About the Author


HPE IT Service Management Product Marketing team manager spanning our solutions for the service desk, asset mngt, CMS, and more. My background is engineering and computer science in the networking and telecom worlds. As they used to say in Telcom, "the network is the business" (hence huge focus on service management). I always enjoyed working with customers and on the business side of things, so here I am in ITSM marketing.

MaryRasmussen ‎08-29-2013 04:59 PM - edited ‎08-29-2013 05:00 PM





 Chuck - I think your recent google hangout is a nice addition to this post -as it adds related information and additional insights from product folks representing areas across the IT landscape.  Mary

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