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Walk the tightrope between IT ops and business needs: 3 insights to help you get started now

Guest Blogger (HPE-SW-Guest) ‎06-26-2014 03:04 PM - edited ‎06-26-2014 03:05 PM

Guest Post by Sherry Ramm, ITSM Marketing Consultant


tightrope4.jpgOver many months in this blog we’ve discussed solutions to help IT managers who are struggling with the dramatically changed IT landscape. They are at a critical point, forcing them to move from a traditional, reactive type of role to become savvier in regards to both technology and business in order to remain relevant in their organizations.


The recent article by SearchDataCenter, “Walk the tightrope between IT ops and business needs,” boils down why IT must shift for the good of themselves and the organization, including practical steps to take now for immediate impact and how those ‘wins’ can be expanded and scaled. It also discusses the risk of not making the shift to a more proactive, business-focused role, citing one leading analyst’s prediction that, “By 2017, 50% of IT infrastructure and operations (I&O) teams will be eliminated.”


The way through is to become proactive, to communicate better, and to drive value to the business guided by long-term vision while acting tactically now. Here are some of the article’s takeaways:

  1.  IT meets storytelling: You can have a silver bullet and a magic potion for IT innovation that drives business greatness, but if you can’t get your ideas across to execs in a way that paints a vision and gains buy-in — well, your ideas will just stay ideas.
  2. The right ‘tools’ can break down barriers between business and IT to support a business-centric vision: Automation, for instance, may be a top priority for supporting the business long term, and it’s good if you have that vision, but it will take time. So, in the meantime, stay true to your vision with the tools your IT staff is choosing now. For example, use point tools that will automate their projects and achieve easy wins, not tools that expand your mess of fragile, hand-coded script spaghetti.

  3. Less is more — Proving your value with the right dashboard metrics: The article notes, “By the end of 2016, 50% of I&O organizations will use business value dashboards as the primary means of communicating with business stakeholders.” If you’re like most of us, you’ve experienced a reporting meeting where you overloaded your audience with metrics. You spent hours building and admiring your own fabulous data, it was too much and diluted the impact. While it may be counterintuitive, a small amount of just the right information in the form of an easy-to-understand dashboard can be more effective.

This informative and practical article hits home with us on the HP Propel team, because we work with IT managers every day to help them make the transformation to a more proactive role. Yes, automation IS king — but you need to start small, with no disruption and then expand the capabilities as you are ready.


That’s where HP Propel is an ideal solution made to fit any scenario. Hundreds of IT managers now have HP Propel Free to give their IT users a single, integrated, automated view into their world of IT services, complete with a unified consumer-oriented shopping experience. Want to try it for yourself? Download the HP Propel Free Starter Package here.

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