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What’s everyone else doing? Trends in Service Catalog today and tomorrow

Guest Blogger (HPE-SW-Guest) on ‎06-16-2014 09:00 AM

Guest Post by Sherry Ramm, ITSM Marketing Consultant


At HP our ITSM customers are busy working on the priorities of today and planning for tomorrow.  The Service Catalog is a primary area of focus.  The problem of catalog sprawl is top of mind and IT managers are implementing solutions to rein it in now, and plan for future scalability that expedites driving value to the users as well as performance to the business.


trends2.jpgParticularly in the last year we’ve seen some common threads with how our customers are thinking about service catalog and their main priorities.  We’ll share a few of them here:  

  1. More than just a pretty face:  The service catalog is no longer a niche or ‘point solution’. IT sees at an enterprise scope understanding that it touches all aspects of the business and the stakeholders are cross-functional.   This means implementation takes on an entirely different complexion of orchestrating a coordinated enterprise approach.
  2. It IS ‘all about me’:  Self-service maybe the single most important topic—with a strong focus on customer experience. Today, users are obsessed with buying or engaging with an organization the way they want to, NOT the way the organization wants them to!  Simultaneously, organizations are obsessed with building customer loyalty and competitive edge in the market on the cornerstone of enhanced customer experience. So, IT now has their arms around these two ‘customer’ oriented fronts and employing new technologies in self-service to provide that experience to both.
  3. Be there or be square:   Progressive IT managers are growing out of the static term “catalog” which suggests databases or structured documents. They are moving onto broader capabilities including driving innovation to gain control and performance with technologies such as Knowledge Management, Social Media, Mobile capabilities, Big Data/analytics and Chat support.
  4. Just do it!   Another key customer trend is that they are doing less planning and more implementation.  While many are still starting their journey to service catalog, most are past the stages of identifying owners, building a justification, and establishing a budget.  Most are in the stages of defining strategies and best practices to drive the implementation.   For most, especially in our larger customers, there simply is no choice.  Catalog sprawl and other organizational and user demands are nipping at the heels from all directions and they must move, making the famous proverb relevant here: ‘Necessity is the mother of all innovation’!


HP Propel answers the call


HP provides tight alignment with these top priorities of IT customers to gain control over catalog sprawl and to transform to a true IT service broker.   This is why we launched HP Propel— to provide a quick onramp to the journey.   Since then hundreds of customers have started the journey to a world-class portal and catalog with HP Propel Free.  


With HP PropelFree our customers get an easy onramp of technologies and best practices to transform to a true IT services broker supporting the needs of the business, such as: 

  • A consumer-like portal  
  • The Service catalog  
  • Knowledge management
  • Full mobile capabilities 

From there, they can expand as they wish to add capabilities and scalability to fit their needs as they go.  What HP Propel customers love is that the onramp is free, fully-functional and not disruptive to their current systems. The good news is, that as an HP customer we can help no matter where you are in your journey.   Whether you’re just planning your decent, ready to implement a solution, or on your journey but need to augment your capabilities, HP Propel is the right solution, at the right time, to address your needs today while readying for your continued ascent in the future.  


To learn more go to:  HP Propel website.  Or get your HP PropelFree today!



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on ‎06-24-2014 04:19 AM

Hi I think HP have taken the right approch to the SRC, it is ALL about the end user and their experience and them being able to manage THEIR calls when and where THEY Want.

dkalian on ‎07-11-2014 09:21 AM

SRC is okay, Propel is even better.  Now that Propel is going to be available on-premise (Yay! - healthcare companies don't like the cloud yet), what happens to SRC?  Will there be two HP products competing with each other in the same space?

sramm63 on ‎07-31-2014 12:56 AM

Thanks for your feedback and reinforcement of our approach to SRC.  Your observations about the trend in user experience are much appreciated.  Regards, Sherry

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