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CCRM: Change Calendar

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CCRM: Change Calendar

Till today there is still an module within Service Center/Manager called Change Calendar. It does exactly what is it called. But I've seen some customer having problems with getting this properly working for some reasons. These customers are sometimes getting Release Control as a replacement. On itself a good idea, but Release Control is designed to do much more then only Change Calendar. More realistic is to say that Release Control is more designed to do all the other great things then that is is designed as Change Calendar. Even if they will get a so called locked-down version of Release Control then there is still a lot of functionality.


What I see happening is that customer that are getting/buying Release Control as replacement of Change Calendar are overwhelmed by all the functionality of Release Control. Release Control has everywhere in the product references to virtualized CAB with action items, collaboration information about impact, collisions etc. All that information from a purely Change Calendar perspective is not needed.

End users of the Release Control Change Calendar are expecting all the slice and dice features that Release Control offers, so this is absolutely a match. These filtering capabilities are really enhanced with Release Control 5. But how are you going to train thousands of people(end-users) on the Release Control Change Calendar where in the GUI there are a lot of buttons available that should not be used, or not be used at that time, or are not configured yet because that was not the purpose of the Change Calendar etc.

The problem is that it is not possible to give an end-user only Release Control Change Calendar with of course the advanced filtering but without all the other buttons and functionality that is useful if you are going to use Release Control as virtualized CAB.


So my question on this forum is what the experience is of others in the situation I describe? Are you trying to configure Release Control so that it shows minimum buttons and functionality or are you taking the customer on the virtualized CAB road.


Regards, Eduard

Occasional Advisor

Re: CCRM: Change Calendar

we are trying to move our organization forward to the state of the virtual CAB rather than just staying with a release calander.  Since our teams are very virtual we also want to take advantage of the release implementation componet of release control.


The challenge we have run into is moving people to this type of virtualized environment. Even though our users are heavily into e-mail and sametime, we struggle getting them to be more dependent on dashboards than traditional reports and working from a real-time list.


on the other hand, I have application teams that are willing to dive into the release side of release control to better coordinate their production implementations.


- betty