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Indiscards - failover

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Indiscards - failover

I've got a rx1600 with additional nic (AB545) running 11.23


I'm troubleshooting possible network issues and noticed a large amount of Inbound Discards which is constantly ticking over.


Currently at 126604796 Inbound discards


Its currently setup in an aggregated link in Hot Standby.

Today i removed the network cable from the addtional nic and the Inbound Discards stopped.


I have a few more of these servers with the same configuration that aren't having this problem.


Would this be causing network issues and is it likely the card has failed?





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Re: Indiscards - failover

I would suspect the card.  Inbound discards is a counter to measure an overflow condition where the number of inbound packets are coming in faster than than they can be processed to the IP layer stack in the kernel.  This would likely indicate that the port on the card is having problems processing data as it arrives.



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Re: Indiscards - failover


Different username but i posted this problem.


I was able to switch the network cables over to confirm it wasn't a switch / cable issue. The fault still occured which has lead me to exactly what your saying its the card.


I'm going to try swapping the card out next week. Am i able to swap the network without card without reconfiguring it in hpux? its like for like.

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Re: Indiscards - failover

Replacing the card will not require any changes to HP-UX (as long as its the same model as you indicate; or more exactly, as long as the new card uses the same driver).