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Problem in capturing click adn script values

by on ‎08-06-2012 12:25 PM


I am working on a script that is recorded in basic HTTP/HTML protocol. In that, I became to capture a dynamic value which gets generated as soon as the user cliks a button.

The issue is that, value is getting captured under web_reg_save_param. But there is a case that, the value is not generated. In this situation the script stops workin as the error for the reg_save_param fails.

Can anyone help me to capture the value?


If it is likely that your script will continue even without the saved parameter, then you can include "Notfound=warning" as an additional paramter in the web_reg_save_param() function & your script will be continued normally. Otherwise, you can use the option "Continue on error" in run-time settings.

If you have issue at next step whenever there is no output found for web_reg_save_param(), then it is likely that your web_reg_save_param() is not configured correctly. You need to do manual correlation by analyzing the input & output responses.

AoifeY on ‎09-30-2014 09:31 AM


Is it possible to record another expected outcome for when a correlation parameter is not found? For example I have a Web HTML/HTTP script which tests the Search functionality of an application. Search criteria has been parameterised and is read randomly from a csv file. If a search result is found, a link to the record is displayed in the search results as a hyperlink. I have manually correlated this value as it is dynamic. There may be times when no match is found, in which case no hyperlink will appear on the page. Instead text will appear stating that no match has been found. My question is whether it is possible to add a condition for cases when the correlated parameter does not exist in the response data?

Any help would be appreciated.