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VuGen scripting for Citrix VDI

by on ‎04-02-2012 11:33 AM



I am trying to script  a citrix session to be used in BSM/BAC.

Transactions are as follows.

-Log into Citrix webportal and start virtual desktop interface + + +


I have created the base script recorded the startup of the Citrix VDI. The transaction takes about 40 to 60 seconds starting the virtual desktop.


Replaying the script hovewer does not work. Seems like the recording is not recording the Citrix desktop application so I am not able to do a bitmap sync or nothing. I can see in replay  that the Citrix session is loggin on but goes to a pass state after 4 seconds.


I do not have the Citrix experience so I wonder if anyone has any advice.


Citrix version is : xenapp 6.0



VuGen 11.00 Patch 3


Script is attached..



It looks like your script haven't recorded any of the Citrix_ICA protocol events you want.

Before recording, did you start by creating a "New Multiple Protocol Script" and choose to use both "Citrix_ICA" and "Web(HTTP/HTML)" protocols?



If so, your script should look something like this after the line starting with ctrx_nfuse_connect:

ctrx_nfuse_connect("http://zzzzzz001/Citrix/DesktopWeb/site/launch.ica?CTX_UID=1&CTX_Application=Citrix.MPS.Desktop.JBV_XenDesktop.JBV&CTX_Token={CorrelationParameter_1}&LaunchId=1330128214114", CTRX_LAST);

lr_end_transaction("lr_open_VDI", LR_AUTO);

//Desktop should now be active and ready for any vugen ctrx-events
ctrx_mouse_click(100, 200, LEFT_BUTTON, 0, "");




//Dissconnect from Citrix session


//Logout from NFUSE session

  "URL=../media/TitleHeaderSwoop.gif", "Referer=http://zzzzzz001/Citrix/DesktopWeb/auth/loggedout.aspx", ENDITEM,
  "URL=../media/TitleHeaderTail.gif", "Referer=http://zzzzzz001/Citrix/DesktopWeb/auth/loggedout.aspx", ENDITEM,
  "URL=../media/TitleHeaderHead.gif", "Referer=http://zzzzzz001/Citrix/DesktopWeb/auth/loggedout.aspx", ENDITEM,
lr_end_transaction("lr_close_VDI", LR_AUTO);


murarji on ‎09-30-2014 11:10 PM

hi everybody please share me your views regarding the functionality i have mentioned .


if have 30 transactoins in my script  i want to get the 10-15 transactions sequntially how can i get those please give me related code.