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Downloadable full version of LoadRunner 11.5

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Downloadable full version of LoadRunner 11.5

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I can't seem to find the original full version of Loadrunner 11.5.  I have been trying to upgrade Vugen 11.4 using LoadRunner 11.51 service pack 1 Vugen install, but it tells me I have the wrong version.


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Re: Downloadable full version of LoadRunner 11.5

Hi Dennis,


I believe the links you need are in this blog article: http://h30499.www3.hp.com/t5/HP-LoadRunner-and-Performance/Nothing-like-good-NEWS-around-the-Holiday...



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Re: Downloadable full version of LoadRunner 11.5

The link you posted is for te 11.51 patch, that seems to be installed on top of 11.50. I Have 11.4 and need to colaborate with an enterprise that asek me to have 11.50. I am running on 64 bit Windos 8 so would like to go to 11.52

The license for this software will be provided by the client.

I would lovely use LR 12, unfortunately is not my decision.

Where could I get that kind of "Oldware"?

Unfortunately, big companies don't want to change theyre SW versions, mainly because are afraid of loosing some stability they already have. Name it "afraid of change", but this kind of situation afects mainly we, users that need some very specific tools to have our work done.

Thak you in advance,

Federico Zenteno.


Re: Downloadable full version of LoadRunner 11.5

Loadrunner 11.50 can be simply dowloaded from the HP support pages...if you have a valid servicecontract, and the SAID that belongs to it. You mean you don't have access to the suport pages? In that case, ask the client what theSAID is, and you an get access...