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DevOps and Quality

priyakothari ‎06-01-2012 10:19 AM - edited ‎09-25-2015 03:22 PM

The name DevOps implies Dev and Ops, and no QA. But that is not the case. Quality is the lynchpin that helps connect Dev and Ops, and helps move applications from development to production. And this becomes even more important in the world of Agile. Let me explain why..


Agile was adopted by a lot of development teams in order to support the growing business demands of needing functionality sooner. With Agile, developers are able to focus on being responsive to changing business needs and rapidly delivering working software.  Agile is especially appealing, because it emphasizes an approach that is dynamic and flexible – responsiveness to evolving business needs - as opposed to traditional, waterfall approaches which typically take months or even years developing an application, and then often deliver something that only partially meets the business needs.  


However, while development is focused on building faster, the Operations team hasn’t quite embraced agile yet. And the reason for this is quality. In many cases, Operations feels that Development has a ‘throw it over the wall’ mentality, which adds to the divide between the two teams. And when poor quality applications are put into production, they cause huge disruption to the stable and predictable management of production systems. So the Operations team does not like to roll out releases very frequently.


In fact, I recently read a study by Gartner that described the barrier between Development and Operations as a key obstacle to agile teams really being effective.   In one part of the report, they described the relationship between Development and Operations as sometimes “toxic”.


But if Dev is building faster, but Ops is not releasing fast enough, then doesn’t that defeat the whole purpose of Agile? If the end user is not getting the functionality sooner, then who cares what methodology is being used? So really then, the business benefits of moving to Agile are not being realized…


But this can change – No, this HAS TO change. The barriers between development and operations needs to be reduced and the two teams need to collaborate and align around shared goals and objectives.  And that shared objective should be Quality. I believe that only when the two teams are working together with Quality bridging the gap between the two, will agile delivery result in agile business execution.


What do you think?

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