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Introducing the VuGen PowerPack – Open Source extensibility for VuGen

Anonymous ‎01-01-2014 10:00 AM - edited ‎09-22-2015 01:41 PM

(This post was written by Boris Kozorovitzky, from the LoadRunner R&D Team)


LoadRunner 11.5 was redesigned and rewritten on top of an extensibility framework from the SharpDevelop IDE called the Addin Tree.  Consequently, the entire application is extensible, since LoadRunner’s developers work with the same APIs and constructs as any third-party developer.  This means that anyone who understands the basics of the framework can develop a third-party extension for VuGen.


I’ve created an open source project on GitHub, called VuGen PowerPack, which consists of a number of extensions to VuGen that provide additional functionality, much of which was requested by customers.  One of the sub-projects of this is a sample extension called ‘XMLViewer’, with detailed instructions on how you can develop your own extension.  This extension displays XML content from an action parameter in a separate window.  Here’s a screenshot: 



Here are some of the ways you can benefit from the VuGen PowerPack:

  1. Just use it!  The PowerPack has a number of add-ins that you can install to enhance your VuGen experience.  Installation instructions are on the VuGen PowerPack page in GitHub. If you find any issues you can report them directly on the project page and I will try and get them fixed.
  2. Suggest new ideas.  If there’s something else you’d like to see in the PowerPack, open a new discussion on the issues page with your suggestions.
  3. Contribute your own code.  You can write your own code and contribute it to the project so that everyone can enjoy it.
  4. Write your own extensions.  If you need an additional capability not provided by the PowerPack, you can write it by yourself based on the code examples. I will try to provide support as much as I can through the project page and through emails if needed.


I hope to see you soon in the PowerPack community!



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NaveenKumar N
on ‎01-08-2014 12:59 AM

Good initiative. I would like to write code for the extension. Could you please throw more about how can i start developing. Step by Step guide would suffice.


Thank you!

on ‎01-13-2014 12:38 AM

Hi NaveenKumar,


All of the information required for compiling the code is available at https://github.com/HPSoftware/VuGenPowerPack. As Boris mentioned in the blog, there is a sub-project called ‘XMLViewer’, with detailed instructions on how you can develop your own extension.

on ‎02-20-2014 08:51 PM



I would like to write a code for Loadrunner. Couldn't able to find the wway yo write add-ins. As mentioned by Malcolmlsaacs I couldn't fine the any details there. please help to sort this isssue. Thanks in advance

on ‎02-23-2014 12:02 AM

Hi GnanasekarT,


As mentioned in a previous comment, there are full instructions in the XmlViewAddin sub-project.  Here's a direct link to the sub-project.  You can use that project as a basis for your own add-in.

on ‎06-09-2014 04:18 AM

Hi Boris, 

Thanks for sharing this. Do you have plans to release a version for LR12 or should this be forwards compatible?

I was wondering about developing an add-in to commit script changes to a local GitHub repository each time that a script runs to allow a rollback to previously weorking script for those "oh no, what have I just done?" moments! :-)

All the best

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