LoadRunner and Performance Center
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LoadRunner and Performance Center

Get load and performance testing advice to help you plan, test and monitor your applications load and performance throughout the entire application lifecycle.

The Protocol Complexity Matrix and what it means for your load testing

White Paper Wednesday: LoadRunner — Mobile load performance testing

Part 2: LoadRunner, performance testing, virtualization and HP Discover in Vegas!

Part 1: LoadRunner, performance testing, virtualization and HP Discover in Vegas!

Performance and load testing dictionary of terms

White Paper Wednesday: LoadRunner — A closer look

Poll results in: “Top 5 Testing Challenges

You are invited to a party in the cloud, a public beta of StormRunner Load

StormRunner Load bringing you fast and simple performance testing on demand

Working with HP LoadRunner and HP Network Virtualization

Big news! HP LoadRunner and Performance Center 12.01 are launching today!

LoadRunner licenses now available on Pronq.com

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