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Duplicate Openview Elements

Occasional Contributor

Duplicate Openview Elements

Something weird has hapened to my openview 4.11 map.
If I drill down on a router element I have two of everything. Two Serial
interfaces with the same name two ethernets with the same name etc.
If you select the one element the other is also highlighted.
I am not sure how this came about and I am not sure how to correct it.
I have tried an ovtopofix -a but this does not correct the problem.

Please help !
Occasional Visitor

Re: Duplicate Openview Elements

One possibility is that the interface symbol has been copied. I've not used 4.11 for quite a time, but on 5.x, if you turn the User Plane on from the View menu, copied elements will appear with a shadow. The copied Symbol can be removed by itself by using the r-h mouse button (Solaris) and Remove Symbol.

Hope This Helps