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NNMi supported mib problem


NNMi supported mib problem

We use NNMi 9.04 installed on windows 2008 server.

Our customer wants to see all supported mib lists for every node.

We can see supported mibs from a node by choosing that node and Actions>List Supported Mibs.

But customer has more than 1500 devices and they want to see all nodes and their mibs in one list.
Like below,

Node1 : Mibs . . . . . . .
Node2 : Mibs . . . . . . .
Node3 : Mibs . . . . . ..
Node1500 : Mibs . . . . .

List Supported Mibs link is working for only one node at one time.

Is there an ovpl script that we can use to run from command promt (like nnmmiblist.ovpl node1)
So that it gives node and supported mibs as an output. So we can run this script for all devices and get all outputs in one text file ?