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iSPI QA probe configuration http 404

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iSPI QA probe configuration http 404

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After installed QA.  I try to configuart probe follows by document


"You can configure the QA probes (tests on network such as Cisco IPSLA tests) on the device
managed by NNMi using the Probe Configuration form or the nmsqaprobeconfig.ovpl
command line utility in NNM iSPI Performance for QA 9.10 version."



Select the node, and click on Actions -->Quality Assurance --->Probe Configuration


but it is show http 404 error, but other page of quality assurance pages are working? why? any idea? 






but  Configuration--->Quality Assurance Configuration console is working


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Re: iSPI QA probe configuration http 404

working now. For nnmi+QA installation, 4G RAM is too less.

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Re: iSPI QA probe configuration http 404

So your fix was just to increase the RAM?  I have this exact 404 issue when trying to setup probes, NNMi, iSPI Performance for Metrics, and iSPI Performance for QA all on the same server.