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Global directory problems.

by on ‎12-07-2011 12:53 PM




I am having problems with our global directory.  We have several branch vcx v6100 connected to a region running 2 separate ibm servers (one for callp and one for VCX data).  We have removed one of the branches but the global directory data still persists.  I have run the ./ command within linux and removed the site from the LOCSA list.  I have even modified every xml file that mentions MasterDir in the globaldir/output folder.  But still, whenever the directory re-synchs, the data returns to the global directory.  Is there anywhere else this data is stored, or does anyone know how to get rid of obsolete data in the global directory manually?


You should open a case....that stuff sometimes gets lost in residual files that don't get updated correctly.

on ‎02-07-2012 03:30 AM


You need to check if the cworks ssh session can be login in both direction from the region to the branche servers and reversed. sometime the ssh certificat are expired and globaldirectory demon can't login tho fush the last updated masterdirectory file to the all locsas.

Please check first on the region vcxdata server if the masterdirectory file take the last update and compare it with the copy on all branche masterdirectory files.

Dont miss to reboot the the globaldirectory service on both servers (region/and branche)


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