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Installing Flare on Amazon EC2

by on ‎09-16-2013 09:16 AM

Whilst I wait on the final parts delivery for our SDN server, I went ahead and installed the SDN Flare and Mininet components on an Amazon EC2 instance. To do so: 


The SDN Flare deployment recommends a M1.xlarge Ubuntu 12.04, for which Amazon will charge an hourly rate.

  • Go to AWS Console
  • Switch to your preferred region, you can do so by pull down the region menu on the upper-right corner. The default is N. Virginia.
  • Click on "Launch an instance", then choose "Classic Wizard"
  • On the "Quick Start" tab, search for "Ubuntu 12.04.2 LTS Server"
  • Before clicking "Select", ensure that 64-bit is selected
  • On the next page, change the “Instance Type” to “M1.xlarge”  and click “Continue”
  • Then keep clicking "Continue" on the next few page, until the page ask you to select your key pairs.
  • Choose the key pair you would like to login to your EC2 instance, then click on "Continue".
  • At the final page, you can find an "Launch" button. Click it and you are done!
  • Go to "Security Groups", select "quick start", then click on "Inbound" tab.
  • Select "Custom TCP Rule" from "Create a new rule" drop down.
  • Enter “8443” in the “Port Range” field
  • Click "Add Rule" then "Apply Rule Changes"
  • Then use your key pair to login to your EC2 instance.