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super CDR file has wrong time

by on ‎04-02-2012 11:37 AM


I have an external pricing tool for the call reports, but all the CDR files shows a wrong time of day, like +5 hours, It isn't the timezone I checked and it is configured for America and in especific for mexico city, the servers are synchronized with an ntp,  the time that is displayed on phones and on servers are correct, except the cdr files.


I thought it could be the media gateway, the time was wrong and i corrected it, but I don't see any change.
I want to know from where the super CDR files gets time of the day, and if I can fix it.




V7005 VCX 9.5.13

Digital Media Gateway V71222 2 Span


I opened a case on HP support, here is the solution.

The time displayed on the CDR files has a universal GMT, it is independent of the timezone configured on servers.

If my server has configured with  GMT -6h ,CDR file will give the time that has the GMT at that time.

The solution it's to modify the code or the configuration of the pricing tool for the call reports, and do the subtraction or addition of the hours depending on your timezone.