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A New Style of IT for mobile productivity

on ‎02-20-2014 07:48 AM

By Nick Watson, Vice President EMEA Enterprise Group, HP Networking


Nick WatsonI remember a presentation I attended 10 years ago, which examined the blurring between our private lives and our business lives. It was suggested that employees increasingly expected to take care of private activities during work hours while employers expected to be able to contact their people outside of work hours. In many industries, this is now the norm and technology is the enabler.


As individuals, in our private lives, technology designed for mobile use is ubiquitous with the “always-on” expectation spanning generations and bringing together friends and family, wherever we are. In our working lives though, many people are unnecessarily constrained by the building where they work.  Such buildings were designed for an era in which the physical workspace was where we connected to technology.  Yet in the past 5 years, this situation has reversed, so that now many people have vastly superior technology in their pockets or bags to what is available to them at their desks.


As organizations increasingly embrace Bring Your Own Device - BYOD, or more often, a mixture of company-supplied and personal devices, there are major considerations for the IT departments.  Provisioning and securing the wired and wireless environments, preferably with a single policy. Setting performance expectations for people, depending on the device type and connection type; critical considerations for an acceptable user experience.  These are real-world challenges, which will determine whether the business stakeholders accept what is offered by their IT department, or whether they drive “shadow IT”. 


The “New Style of IT” is here and the challenge for most organisations is to merge legacy environments, which have been designed for an era of a specific fixed user workplace, with today’s expectations of technology that is always available, from any device, anywhere.  At HP our Unified Wired & Wireless approach with unique security and performance management systems, provide pragmatic solutions to business challenges. Better yet, the new “HP Access Catalogue” is aimed at further helping solve the IT conundrum, giving the internal customer what they want; whilst ensuring the enterprise remains secure.



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