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Wireless into the Future

on ‎12-01-2013 11:06 PM

By Tian Xie, Presales Technical Consultant, HP Networking 


tx.pngOne of the recent research achievements from HP Labs was presented at the recent University of Toronto Networking Symposium by Kyu-Han Kim, a senior researcher and mobility research manager at HP Labs.


Kyu-Han Kim proudly presented his advanced indoor localization solution system – CUPID. He emphasized the importance of indoor location and where CUPID can be used in the future. For example, there could be new context-aware applications that use CUPID for location based advertising, consumer behavior analysis, asset tracking, and security monitoring etc. 




Kyu-Han Kim, Senior Researcher and Mobility Research Manager, HP Labs




Current Indoor Location Technologies


After analyzing the limitations of the current indoor location technologies, Kyu-Han Kim demonstrated how CUPID utilizes natural human mobility combined with physical layer (PHY) information to overcome the effect of multipath reflections.



CUPID Localization Methodology


An impressive live demo proved that CUPID can improve the accuracy from 10m to 2m comparing to the existing WiFi based solutions. 


CUPID Positioning Performance


For further details of Kyu-Han Kim’s research, please refer to his paper ‘Avoiding Multipath to Revive Inbuilding WiFi Localization


See my previous post on the University of Toronto Networking Symposium event and topics discussed at:

Networking into the Future and the Software-defined Data Center


We will continue to post blogs on the University of Toronto event and cover topics such as: 


  • New Paradigms for Multimedia and Security in Wireless Networks
  • Enabling Wireless Apps in the age of 802.11ac and Cloud
  • New Directions in Networking Research
  • Software Defined Networking: Architecting your Next Generation Network
  • SDN – Today and into the Future

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