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HP TeMIP download site available

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HP TeMIP download site available


From now non hp employee can retrieve HP TeMIP V6 software kits and user documentation from a download site.
If you want to take advantage of this facility, please ask cmsngossoperations@hp.com to retrieve your access code.
Once you get it, follow the instructions below:

1. Go to http://h20229.www2.hp.com/partner/ng_mbr.html
- If one has no HP passport, then create one using ”>> Register link” at the top of the page
- If one already has a HP passport, log-in using “>> Sign-in with HP Passport” link at the top of the page
2. Read the instructions written under NGOSS partners section
3. Click on “Start your registration” link.
4. This will redirect you to a form page were to enter
- the “Access code” provided (1st box)
- other pieces of information
- “Partner ID” box can be left empty
- “HP Contact information” box must be filled with your partner manager name or by default with “Christophe Leclercq”
5. Click on the “next >>” button at the bottom of the page.
If your registration is successful, a congratulation page will be displayed, specifying where to start your browsing experience.

On HP CMS NGOSS page, you will be able to download:
- HP TeMIP software kits on HPUX Itanium
- HP TeMIP software kits on Sun
- HP TeMIP Client kits on Windows

For each of above section, there is the link to SSO portal to retrieve HP TeMIP patches.

In Resource types section, you can fill a form to ask for HP TeMIP Licenses.

On the right side, in related topics HP NGOSS user documentation, you can get individual user documentation for each product.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me.

Kind Regards,
Philippe Tabone
TeMIP R&D Manager
HP Software and Solutions / CMS / Next Gen OSS
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Re: HP TeMIP download site available

Hi Philippe,

Thank you very much for this useful information.

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Re: HP TeMIP download site available

from where can i get access code
i already have one for hp as we are hp implementation partner

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Re: HP TeMIP download site available


This is a different access code for NGOSS partner site. As state in the announcement, you need to ask to

Kind regards,
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Re: HP TeMIP download site available

HI Philippe,

Hope you are well. I'm hoping you can help me get a hold of TeMIP (client & server) for Windows.

Is TeMIP still available throuigh the link and email you provided? Or has there been an update?

Kind Regards,