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HP Unified Correlation Analyzer V1.0 Early Release

HP Unified Correlation Analyzer V1.0 Early Release

HP Unified Correlation Analyzer (UCA) is a carrier class problem determination, root cause and service impact analysis product that has been designed to offer a radically different approach to resource and service management within large, complex and fast changing network environments.

The HP Unified Correlation Analyzer:

.quickly identifies problems through automated topology-based problem correlation and root cause analysis across multiple network domains, and produces service impact alarms

.ideally complements Manager of Managers systems by automating major steps in the problem resolution process thus reducing service outage time

.meets carrier-grade requirements through massive scalability and dynamic topology-model automatically kept in synchronization with network to avoid costly maintenance by operations staff.

HP UCA provides a number of unique and powerful features, including:

.A highly flexible topology-based approach to problem correlation

.The ability to address the requirements of complex, fast changing network environments (e.g. Fixed line, Next Generation Networks, Wireless, Utilities, etc.)

.Rapid identification of the root cause of a problem and its impact on other components and services

.The capability to prioritize problem resolution based upon service impact

.Physical, logical and service objects can be modeled

.Cross-domain capabilities - multiple networks and network technologies can be modeled allowing service impact as a result of interaction between networks and domains to be determined

.Provides a highly scalable architecture, supporting tens of millions of objects and thousands of notifications per second

.Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs) and wizards to ease configuration.

.An pre-integration with TeMIP Fault Manager to collect TeMIP alarms as inputs for the correlation, but also possibilities to integrate with other Fault or Performance Management systems.

.A large set of actions are available to reflect the result of the correlation (e.g create/update service impact or root cause events, create trouble tickets...).

.Out-of-the-box correlation packages: HP UCA is delivered with set of scenario examples to facilitate the configuration and the deployment of the solution in real environment. In addition, a set of pre-packaged filters, mapping and propagation rules - UCA Value Pack - is available for quick time to value, when addressing specific network technologies. The first UCA Value Pack delivered with the product is addressing SDH technology. Additional packages will be delivered asynchronously.

For more information on UCA please contact TeMIP Product Management ( TeMIP-Product-Management@hp.com ).

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