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TeMIP V6 NNM9 Advanced Integration - IA and Linux


TeMIP V6 NNM9 Advanced Integration - IA and Linux

The TeMIP Team is pleased to announce the availability TeMIP V6 Advanced Integration with NNM 9 (ATNI V6) on HP-UX Itanium (11.31) and Linux (RHEL 5).

TeMIP NNMi Advanced Integration is a complete NGOSS solution for next generation networks and services. Now Service Providers can reap the advantages of a single vendor, tightly integrated OSS solution, for highly efficient operations of NGN, reducing operational costs and ensuring the best user experience.

Key features and benefits
• Single and powerful OSS & IP Management console to reduce Operational Costs for converged Telco and IP network management

• Complete topology view from physical network to access (TeMIP + Network Node Manager + Route Analytics Management System) - for rapid root cause analysis and service impact determination.

• Easy, low cost deployment of new IP devices/services

• Operational efficiency with management of end-to-end service view

• Advanced integration capabilities with included tools providing for flexible control over:
o The Network or Service Model (flexible hierarchical mapping).
o The translation of NNM incidents into TeMIP standardized OSI Alarms

• Distribution and Scalability with many deployment configurations.

The ATNI V6 console leverages strengthen NNMi series functionalities:

o A new, innovative n-tier architecture which drives extreme scalability. HP NNMi incorporates a state-of-the-art continuous spiral IP discovery process. This process uses fast node finding combined with an iterative multi-pass process for in-depth device configuration and connectivity discovery.

o A new Event pipeline and causal engine for deterministic IP root-cause analysis. The NNMi event pipeline contains multiple, efficient processes that act on the event stream to correlate and condition events for the causal engine. The causal engine is a virtual machine that offers continuous analysis of conditions of monitored objects. Ultimately, the causal engine provides automated and deterministic IP root-cause analysis (versus probabilistic) to reduce MTTR and increase operator efficiency.

o A new intuitive design with centralized GUI using an accordion workspace, aesthetic tabular views, and mouse-over windows for efficient, intuitive navigation and fast access to information.

o A renewed and enhanced library of Smart Plug-ins (SPIs). HP NNMi Smart Plug-ins are add-on modules enhancing NNMi’s awareness of specialized network environments providing service provider’s team with the information needed to more quickly find and fix IP problems.

o The following NNMi SPIs are currently available:
HP Network Node Manager iSPI for Performance
HP Network Node Manager iSPI for IP Telephony
HP Network Node Manager iSPI for MPLS
HP Network Node Manager iSPI for IP Multicast
HP Network Node Manager iSPI Network Engineering Toolset

Key features:
• A default customization to handle NNMi incident mapping
• Ability to collect NNMi Incidents
• Ability to map NNMi incidents into OSI alarms
• Ability to auto-populate NNMi topology into TeMIP
• Ability to populate nodes on-the-fly into TeMIP
• A set of topology related tools
• Integration of NNMi maps into TeMIP Client
• Incident resynchronization from NNMi to TeMIP
• Counter and time based policies for topology population
• Ability to generate user customizations and validate the same using customization tools
• Ability to resynchronize topology between NNMi and TeMIP
• Ability to propagate NNMi Correlations to TeMIP
• Ability to do a drill-down of alarms from TeMIP Client
• Compliance with NNMi Geo-Diverse environment

For kit and documentation download, please contact the TeMIP Support Team (EMEA-TeMIP-Support@hp.com).
For temporary licenses, please contact the TeMIP Product Management Team (TeMIP-Product-Management@hp.com).

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Re: TeMIP V6 NNM9 Advanced Integration - IA and Linux



We are planning to implement this @ IDEA where HP is providing over all fault monitoring solution. Could you please provide us the URL ( link ) to download the kit and documents.


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