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TeMIP Web Alarm List V1.0 is now available

TeMIP Web Alarm List V1.0 is now available

Dear TeMIP Users,

The TeMIP Team is pleased to announce the availability of the TeMIP Web Alarm List V1.0 Release.
This new component is targeted to run on TeMIP V5 Tru64, HP-UX PA-RISC and HP-UX Itanium.

A next release (TeMIP Web Alarm List V1.1) is planed in the next 2 months for support of TeMIP V6 on HP-UX Itanium.

The Support of Sun Solaris is planed for TeMIP Web Alarm List V2.0 (Q1 CY2009).

The TeMIP Web Alarm List complements of the TeMIP Client, and provides through a web browser (for remote NOC operators), some functionalities of a TeMIP Alarm Viewer:

- Acknowledgement and Termination of alarms
- Support for similar alarms
- Severity dashboard with alarm summary
- Filtering on all alarm attributes, including user defined attributes
- Selectable columns and column order
- Selectable Operation Contexts
- Configurable settings such as fonts, color schemes etc
- Export facility to ASCII and Excel
- Accessible from external applications by URLs.
- Different user levels with access rights
- Saving filters, settings etc in individual user profiles
- Excellent update speed for paging, filtering resorting, etc.
- Built-in keyboard shortcuts

All these functions are supported using Firefox (V1.3 up to V3) web browser today. The support of Internet Explorer 7 is planed in TeMIP Web Alarm List V1.1.

For kits and documentation download, please contact the TeMIP Support Team (VBETeMIPSUPP@hp.com).

You will also find with the kits, 3 months evaluation license to test and demonstrate the TeMIP Web Alarm List functionalities to your operators.

Enjoy this new TeMIP functionality,
Nathalie Berro-Lacomme
HP TeMIP Product Manager
Communications, Media and Entertainment

Re: TeMIP Web Alarm List V1.0 is now available

Hi Nathalie,
We are working on presales real opportunity in Telecom Italia and we need to evaluate if the customer requirements match the TWAL software features.

I tried to ask the documentation as you suggested in this thread, but the VBETeMIPSUPP@hp.com answered me that I need to open a case and in this case a SAID is needed.

Can you help me?

Thanks in advance,
Best Regards

Re: TeMIP Web Alarm List V1.0 is now available


The new e-mail address of the TeMIP Support is EMEA-temip-support@hp.com.

If you need temporary licenses and evaluation kits, you can send your request to temip-product-management@hp.com.

Nathalie Berro-Lacomme
HP TeMIP Product Manager
Communications & Media Solutions