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Temip Cliect Configuration


Temip Cliect Configuration

Hi ,

I need some help here on how to configure temip client 6.3 for different type of alarm.

We have different format of alarms from underlying systems and we can see them on client properly because those are enriched with different information & i help to apply differnt set of column as per alarm type.


in short.. different type of alarms in saperate window with their own respective set of columns of interest.


thanks for help



Frequent Advisor

Re: Temip Cliect Configuration

Hello Sandy-Idea,


I'm not sure I get your question correctly :)

My understanding is that you have alarms from different sources and meaningful attributes are in different columns.

So you want to have different visible columns in each Real-Time alarm view. Am I right?

If so, you can try to go to each real-time view tab, reorder the columns by drag and drop and then save the workspace.

Check if the order is kept after restarting the client.



Ivo Kolev


Re: Temip Cliect Configuration

Hi Ivo Kolev,

Thanks for your response. You understood the problem but its not feasible to reorder every time when you log in.

especially not when you have more then 25 columns.

It should be somthing like multiple sheets in excel.