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Temip with HP Openview Integration

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Temip with HP Openview Integration

Is there any chance to integrate our HP Temip with HP Openview or HP BAC? And if yes, how we can see monitored nodes by HP Temip as CIs in HP BAC, or as nodes in HP Openview?

Thank you in advance.

Re: Temip with HP Openview Integration


I confirm that we have both integrations available:
- TeMIP - Operations Manager
- TeMIP - BAC (also called TeMIP Service Console)

IN the tight integration between TeMIP and BAC, TeMIP Managed Objects are managed as CIs in BAC.
We provide an automatic discovery of TeMIP entities and dataload into BAC uCMDB.
We also provide a tight integration of BAC GUI into the TeMIP GUI, with contextual navigation.

If you need more information regarding these integrations, please contact the TeMIP Product Management Team (temip-product-management@hp.com).

Nathalie Berro-Lacomme
HP TeMIP Product Manager
Communications & Media Solutions
Frequent Advisor

Re: Temip with HP Openview Integration

Thank you,
Can you provide me some documents about these integrations. How can I achieve this integration between HP Temip and HP BAC, also HP OVO.