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how to fetch adapter or device name

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how to fetch adapter or device name


 I am cloning a Vm from template,I am adding NIC to Vm.To fetch device or adapter name(in linux it's like eth0,eth1....,in windows 'LocalAreaConnection1 ...) at present i am executing a VB script in Corresponding Vcenter server.The problem is The script is producing annymous  results,sometimes it is returning desired device name and sometimes not and Script execution taking 10 mins time.


I know that using Advanced search operation in OO,we can fetch device name or adapter name.Because using advanced search  i  am able to fetch CPU/Memory Hotadd limit.I have searched in VSphere SDK ,but  i didn't find any luck.Can anyone help me?

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Re: how to fetch adapter or device name

Hi Jadda,
You can check this URL
I will give you an idea on how to use PowerShell (PowerCLI) to get MAC address details and then you can different windows wmi classes (like Win32_NetworkConnection, Win32_NetworkAdapter or Win32_NetworkAdapterConfiguration) and correlate between the values.
Other URLs that may be useful
Mahmoud Ibrahim
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