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DL140 G3 Intel Xeon 5400 Series CPU Support

by on ‎10-28-2011 07:29 AM




We own several DL140G3s in the company. Now we want to upgrade their processors to Intel Xeon 5400 lineup. These servers contain Intel 5000x chipset which supports Intel 5400 series too. Even in HP website, HP tells that these servers support 5400 series. Below is the link from HP website;


We bought a couple of 5400 series. The server boots up and comes to the black bios screen. The server successfully lists the Intel Xeon 5420 series processors and counts the ram. However when it finishes RAM check and proceeds, it suddenly displays "Unsupported processor, plase restart server.... etc".


Does anyone know of a way that we can use these processors with the DL140G3s?


The 5400 processors are not supported by the DL140 G3.


Following the Quickspecs (found via the great tool HP Product Bulletin, just google it) on you will see that the 5100 and 5300 range of CPU's are supported.


FYI it all has to do with the type of NorthBridge chipset that is onboard... If you want the 5400 you need to go to the G4 and G5 servers.