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Email notification link error

by on ‎06-25-2012 07:32 AM


We have been using SSL for 2 days, and some users asks me why they have error when they open the link from email sended by ppm. I'm using [REQ.REQUEST_ID_LINK] token in email notifications to direct users to the request's detail page from email.


If user has signed out before closing his last session the error occurs, but if he didn't sign out he is directed to the request detail page without any error. Is there any different link i can define instead of [REQ.REQUEST_ID_LINK], or is there any setting to fix this problem.



This is a known issue QCCR1L27127 Link to request in Email notification not working


It has been fixed in PPM 8.04 and PPM 9.14.


The workaround is to change "?SHOW_SMALL_LOGON" in the link to "&SHOW_SMALL_LOGON".