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Application Security SaaS Vendors: Why Fortify on Demand is the right choice

Ryan_English ‎02-06-2014 07:34 AM - edited ‎08-03-2015 06:42 AM

On a daily basis I get asked by prospects on why they should choose Fortify on Demand (FoD) over other Application Security SaaS vendors.  Over the next few months I intend to answer those questions and bring clarity as to why FoD is highly unique in the marketplace and experiencing remarkable growth.


A few quick points, which I’ll go into more depth on in the future:


right choice.jpg1.       FoD Offers In-depth Static & Dynamic Testing.  

Our two biggest SaaS competitors are either 90% Static, or 90% Dynamic and neither has deep capabilities in both. We find that our customers like the fact that they can get both from HP.   HP completely redesigned our SaaS UI as soon as we merged Fortify and the SPI Dynamics BU integrating our static and dynamic.


2.       FoD Meets Customer’s Need for Speed.   

Majority of our customers are operating in an Agile SDLC.  Agile requires quick turnaround on security assessments, while not sacrificing quality. Ask the other vendors what SLAs that provide around assessment times. You’re likely to be surprised and/or disappointed.



right choice.jpg3.       FoD Meets Customer’s Need for Quality

Speed is great, but not when you sacrifice quality.  Minimizing False-positives and false-negatives is a high priority for all our assessments, and we’re pleased to hear regularly from customers that we found vulnerabilities in applications that were marked as clean by other solutions.


4.       FoD Can Provide a Hybrid Environment

Frequently we have customers that want a combination of on-premise and SaaS depending on the various BUs, countries, requirements, and development teams involved.   Fortify can provide the ideal hybrid environment that fits your organization.


right choice.jpg5.       FoD Commitment to SLAs

HP FoD takes quality seriously. It provides SLAs with financial penalties for a variety of things such as False-Positives, Assessment Times, and system uptime.



6.       FoD has Global Data Centers

HP provides FoD services through three primary data centers:  U.S., UK, and Singapore.  Maintaining these three datacenters allows us to support our customers’ governmental restrictions on data isolation.



right choice.jpg7.       FoD TAMs for Every Customer.  

HP believes all customers deserve a Technical Account Manager.  Having a Technical Account Manager helps customers become and remain successful, and that’s why account management is such a key part of HP FoD.


These are just a few of the reasons we continue to see customers making the switch to FoD, and we encourage you to come check us out.   

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