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Enterprise Security: What's new for the week of June 9th

MarthaAviles ‎06-13-2014 08:09 AM - edited ‎09-25-2015 08:21 AM

Here’s what’s new this week in HP Enterprise Security:


New Blog – Part II of the OpenSSL Saga!

This week we have part II of the Open SSL saga—a new vulnerability that can force a victim machine to execute code from its remote perpetrator. What? That’s right—a hacker can get it and control it from anywhere in the world, exfiltration sensitive data and exploiting it. Did you know TippingPoint had the patch 43 days before the vendor was able to patch it? YES. 43. This means our customers are protected in advance of the rest of the industry. This advanced protection is very powerful and keeps confidential information safe. Read the blog and feel free to SHARE it, utilizing the #DVLabs and #HP hashtags.


Odd Todd Deploys HP TippingPoint

We have our first Odd Todd video for you to watch and share: Odd Todd Deploys TippingPoint. Never heard about “Odd Todd”? Watch this video—you’ll be glad you did!


It’s not about the number of filters, it’s how effective they are

We’d like to encourage you to sign-up for our upcoming SANS Security Effectiveness Webinar. July 10th at 1pm EDT, you’ll have the opportunity to learn:

  • How HP develops "virtual patches" that block any attempt to exploit the vulnerability rather than simple filters to block individual exploits
  • How HP’s approach reduces false positives
  • How the HP Security Research and DVLabs team keeps the bad guys out, so you can rest easier


This week’s  Zero Day Filters released

Vendor: Dell

  • 16225: ZDI-CAN-2334
  • 16226: ZDI-CAN-2335

Vendor: HP

  • 16227: ZDI-CAN-2336
  • 16230: ZDI-CAN-2342
  • 16231: ZDI-CAN-2343
  • 16232: ZDI-CAN-2344

Vendor: Microsoft

  • 16233: ZDI-CAN-2346

Vendor: Samsung

  • 16228: ZDI-CAN-2337
  • 16229: ZDI-CAN-2339

Click here for additional information on HP TippingPoint or HP TippingPoint DVLabs.

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