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Continue Manual Run after Design Step Change

by on ‎02-02-2012 12:37 PM


Began running a test set, stopped the run and changed a Design Step in the Test Plan module. When I go back into the Test Lab and Continue Manual Run, the changed step is not shown. I have to do Run the Test Set from beginning for the changed Design Step to be brought over - this causes previous run data to be cleared.

Anyone have an idea on how we can bring the changed step over to the test set and continue the run without losing what we had before?


What you describe Digikey is how the process was designed. It is working as expected.

To preserve the integrity of the original run. The tester needs to start a new manual run. This will copy over the edited plan. The previous run data is not removed. It is still there as a seperate iteration of the test instance.

This methodology requires that all the steps previously executed be re-run. The changes made to the plan may have adverse or unexpected consequences. The steps are re-run to rule out these unexpected effects.