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Email Customization for Defect Module

by on ‎11-30-2012 10:41 AM


I am trying to send out an email when the severity of the defect is modified.  I want an email to generated only when the severity is modified not when severity is selected for the first. 


Following is the code i implemented but its generating an email when a new defect is opened (when severity is selected for the first time). 



IF Bug_Fields.field("BG_SEVERITY").IsModified = True Then  
   StrSubject =  Bug_Fields("BG_BUG_ID").Value &_
                 " - "& Bug_Fields("BG_SUMMARY").value


strSubject, StrComment
End IF


When you create a new defect, in essence all the fields are modified from blank to the value entered/selected.  Unless you add something to your query regarding looking for the Defect ID (this is not set until the created defect is saved), I don't know of a way to prevent the emails from being generated when the defect is first created.


You can also configure this email requirement using the Customize > Automail feature instead of directly coding within the workflow script.  Again, there is nothing within the Automail feature to prevent the email being generated when the defect is oriiginally created.

srnagubadi on ‎07-04-2013 01:23 PM



I'm trying to setup email for Requirements also same way how it works on Defects in QC11. I want to push the emails to Requrement Owner,Assignee, Test Case Assignee when Requirements updated, Can anybody help me on this please.