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by Beau Richards on ‎01-23-2014 08:35 AM


Hello Forum,


As the HP RM / HP TRIM Training Manager, I would like to remind everyone of your training options.  First and foremost, here is the link to view our class listings globally.  We are always updating and adding courses so check here often.


We offer a number of courses for a variety of user roles in your organization:

  • HP.RM100 - End User Training (*please contact me directly to discuss delivery options)
  • HP.RM200 - HP RM Advanced User Training
  • HP.RM300 - HP RM Administration Training for Records Managers
  • HP.RM500 - HP RM Installation and Maintenance for System Administrators
  • HP.RM220 - HP RM Workflow Essentials 
  • HP.RM240 - HP RM Archiving Essentials


Currently, all of our courses are Instructor Led ‘classroom’ Training (ILT) but we will soon offer two of them virtually.  I personally believe that Advanced (200), Administration (300) and IM (500) will always be delivered in a classroom.


If you don't immediately see a class you are interested in, or in your region, then I suggest you complete a 'Training Request' web-form at this address: (also found at the top of the class listing page).  Your request will go to one of our Education Representatives for processing and quite possibly, we will be able to run a course that you request because there are other interested parties.  We can also provide onsite training if your demand is high enough.  No matter what, your interest in a course will be kept on file and we will notify you when one is set to run in your area.


With respect to our HPRM(500) course, we are in the process of upgrading/enhancing it to include topics that address new features from Autonomy (such as IDOL indexing and possibly the integration with ControlPoint).  Courses are posted and available around the world starting as early as February/March.  The 500 course will continue to evolve and grow as Autonomy Components become incorporated to the product.


For our Australian viewers, we have two Authorized training partners in Australia – Kapish ( and Information Proficiency (  If you have any questions regarding a training offering other than one from HP or our partners, please contact me directly.


I hope that helps.


Thank you All.

Honored Contributor on ‎01-23-2014 02:56 PM

Thanks Beau,

Good to see. :)


PS: Check your email!

smwadle on ‎04-06-2015 04:36 PM

anyone know if  there is an Autonomy TeamSite or LiveSite forum? Trying to get details on the features of recent TeamSite releases esp v7.5 and 7.1 -- Maybe release notes docs



I would like to Join Training for Records Manager. Please guide for same. How to join