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HTTP 500 and "java.lang.IllegalStateException" when using the REST API

by on ‎11-05-2013 12:01 PM

When making calls to the REST API you may sometimes receive a HTTP 500 error with a body similar to the sample below:


"error": "java.lang.IllegalStateException",
"message": "{ofm:[V_1_3,ERROR,36,410271],BAD_REQUEST/BAD_TYPE,#dataBytes=24,OFM-cause:[V_1_3,MULTIPART_REQUEST,24,410271]}"

This means that something went wrong with the request at the OpenFlow protocol layer, typically because the switch's OpenFlow implementation does not support/implement the requested feature.


For example, the issuing a GET to the following REST resources will generate these errors when using Open vSwitch 1.10.2 OpenFlow 1.0/1.3 implementation:


  • GET /sdn/v2.0/of/datapaths/<dpid>/features/group
  • GET /sdn/v2.0/of/datapaths/<dpid>/features/meter
  • GET /sdn/v2.0/of/datapaths/<dpid>/groups
  • GET /sdn/v2.0/of/datapaths/<dpid>/groups/<group_id>
  • GET /sdn/v2.0/of/datapaths/<dpid>/meters
  • GET /sdn/v2.0/of/datapaths/<dpid>/meters/<group_id>
  • GET /sdn/v2.0/of/stats/groups?dpid=<dpid>&group_id=<group_id>

This is because these features are not fully supported.